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EO trend in Jul.2017

Recently, the domestic supply of ethylene oxide encounter difficult problems, the stock is hard to find. The main reason is that the domestic ethylene glycol production device, the recent strong trend of ethylene glycol, ethylene glycol price rose to 6900 yuan / ton, while the ethylene oxide price 8600 yuan / ton, in epoxy ethane and ethylene glycol difference is less than 2000 yuan / ton, the domestic compact chemical plant would like to production of ethylene glycol, so the figure could see that the epoxy ethane and ethylene glycol price 1700 yuan / ton, from this point of view, the domestic ethylene glycol factory output volume will increase, decrease the production of ethylene oxide.

Recently, the domestic ethylene oxide unit overhaul centralized this month, making the domestic ethylene oxide production decreased significantly.

In addition, we see from the equipment maintenance schedule, after July 15th, all maintenance equipment to resume production, so that the supply of ethylene oxide is also steadily increasing, The tight situation will also be effectively eased.









































































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