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New Product Notice:Ferric Oxide Desulfurizer(High efficient Iron Oxide Desulfurizer)

Ferric oxide desulfurizer of high efficiency at common temperature is our newly designed for customers to desulfurization, and it has become a best-seller.
It is made of iron, manganese salt and their oxide as raw material, through the process chemosynthesis to be active oxide, and then add the assistant and binder to shape it in stick. It has features of large sulfur capacity, small resistance, high purification capacity and good water resistance
It is widely used in fertilizer, chemical, petrochemical, coal chemical etc. as industrial raw materials. And it is also used in the dry removal of H2S in the sulfur-bearing gas such as natural gas, water gas, semi-water gas, carbon gas, shift gas, coke oven gas, liquefied gas, methane, CO2 and city gas. In addition, it has a good effect on organic sulfur's desulfurization. The operation is easy,effective,and energy-saving,and it can also regenerate.








































































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