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New Product Notice: PEO ( Polyethylene Oxide )

Chemical name : PEO ( Polyethylene Oxide )
Appearance : White granular powder
Particle size : 20-200mesh
Soft change point : 65-67
Melting point : 87-140
Density : 0.93g/ml at 25
Ph : neutral ( 0.5wt% water solution)

PEO Specific application in the Construction Industry

PEO used in Mortar Industry with both cellulose, latex powder, starch ether and polyvinyl alcohol 's good properties , and good compatibility with these product. It can make the above products to play a role in the level of increase. PEO dosage is less and does not react with the cement, it could significantly enhance the core competitiveness of the products and low the cost.

Putty powder : In the putty powder, add 0.01% PEO per ton can significantly increase the workability of putty powder. ( PEO 500)

Construction instant glue powder : add 1% PEO per ton in the building instant rubber powder can increase the adhesive force of the rubber powder, and the process is more smooth . It also has the function of auxiliary thickening and water retention. ( PEO 520/550 )

Normal mortar : add 0.01%-0.015% PEO per ton in mortar can significantly increase workability and resistance to flow, and extend the opening time. ( PEO 520 )

Concrete : add 0.001%-0.0015% PEO per ton in concrete can reduce friction between cement and reduce conveying time and the distance of conveying could improved. ( PEO 550 )










































































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