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New Product Noticeļ¼šSJZ-40 special for concrete

The microsilica can fill the pores between the cement particles, and at the same time, form gels with the hydration products, and react with the alkaline material magnesium oxide to form gels. Adding appropriate amount of silica fume can play the following role in the concrete, mortar and refractory castable of cement base:
1. Significantly improve the anti-pressure, anti-folding, anti-permeability, anti-corrosion, anti-impact and anti-wear properties.
2. It can protect water, prevent segregation, bleed water and greatly reduce concrete pumping resistance.
3. Significantly extend the service life of concrete. Especially under the harsh environment of chlorine salt pollution erosion, sulfate erosion and high humidity, the durability of concrete can be doubled or even multiplied.
4. Substantially reduce the landing dust of sprayed concrete and castable, and increase the thickness of single spraying layer.
5. As a necessary component of high-strength concrete, C150 concrete has been applied in engineering.
6. With the effect of about 5 times of cement, the application in ordinary concrete and low-cement castable can reduce the cost and improve the durability.
7. Effectively prevent the occurrence of concrete alkali aggregate reaction.
8. Improve the compactness of cast refractory. When co-existing with Al2O3, it is easier to form mullite phase, so that its high temperature strength and thermal shock resistance are enhanced.

Scope of application of microsilica for concrete:
Commercial concrete, high-strength concrete, self-leveling concrete, amorphous refractory materials, dry mix (pre-mix) mortar, high-strength non-shrinkage grouting material, wear-resistant industrial floor, repair mortar, polymer mortar, thermal insulation mortar, anti-seepage concrete, concrete compacting agent, concrete preservative, cement-base polymer waterproof agent; Rubber, plastics, unsaturated polyester, paints, coatings and other polymer materials, the modification of ceramics and so on.


































































































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