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New Product Notice:Polyvinyl acetate latex (PVAC)

It dissolve in water, innocuous and flavourless, non-corrosive and non-contaminative. Meanwhile, it possesses strong sticking and connecting ability as well as pellicle-making ability, which can be dried in normal temperature, agglutinate side soft, anti-impact and anti-aging etc.
Apperance : milky white liquid without coarse granule or foreign matter
Nonvolatile matter ( %): 48.0-52.0
Viscosity ( 30°c pa.s) : 10.0-50.0
pH : 4-6
Residual vam (%) : 0.5 max
Applied to aspects in furniture manufacturing, wood processing, construction decoration, leather, weave trimming, dope foundation latex, paper box making, press binding, paper plastic-coating and compounding, cigarette manufacturing, pencil and lable, etc.
25kg fiber drum / plastic drum or as per customer's requirments
Storage:Shelf life 12 months
Transportation:As a non-dangerous product, it can be transported as a common chemical.









































































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