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New Product Notice: Mono Potassium Phosphate (MKP)

CAS NO.:7778-77-0
EINECS NO.:231-913-4

Properties :
White crystals,Soluble in water easily, water solution is acid.PH of 1% water solution is 4.5. Density 2.338, melting point at 252.6℃.


Appearance:White Cryslals
Main content: 99.0%Min
Phosphorus Pentoxide:5.15%Min
Potassium oxide,as K2O: 34.0% Min
PH value of 1% solution :    4.2-4.8
Moisture  :  0.2%Max
Water Insoluble :0.1% Max
Iron(Fe)  : 0.003% Max
Chloride  as C1  : 0.2% Max


Plastic knit bag ,Net weight 25kg, Store at ventilated dry place.

Application :

Used to manufacture meta phosphates in medica. Used as a high effective nonchlo-ride P、K compound fertilizer in agriculture; It contains totally 86% fertilizer elements . May used as a basic raw materiais for N-P-K compound fertilizer.










































































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