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Retardation effect of PCE superplasticizers with different architectures and their impacts on early strength of cement mortar


As the most effective superplasticizer, the comb-like PCE polymers also severely retard early cement hydration and hence decelerate early strength growth of concrete, which is undesired in some applications. In this study, a series of PCEs with different molecular architectures, including varied side chain length and density were synthetized by co-polymerizing acrylic acid and α-methallyl-ω-hydroxy poly(ethylene glycol) ether. Impacts of the obtained PCEs on cement hydration and early strength of mortar were investigated. Results show that adsorption of PCEs on cement grains is highly dependent on polymer architectures. Higher side chain length and density lead to lower adsorption amount and consequently higher early strength of mortar. It is interestingly found that the retardation effect of the PCEs on cement hydration is simply proportion to their absolute adsorption amounts on cement surface, while the complexation of R−COO− group with Ca2+, which is independent on polymer architectures, plays a minor role.
(Quoted from Cement and Concrete Composites Volume 104, November 2019, 103369)




































































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