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Enhancing thixotropy of fresh cement pastes with nanoclay in presence of polycarboxylate ether superplasticizer (PCE)

Nanoclay, a thermal treated, purified attapulgite clay, has been used to increase thixotropy. However, the effect of nanoclay in presence of water reducing agent, such as PCE, on rheology, and the compatibility between nanoclay and PCE have not been well studied. The dynamic yield stress, thixotropic index, characteristic time, and microstructure of fresh cement pastes with combination of nanoclay and PCE addition are measured. It is found that nanoclay has a good compatibility with PCE. Nanoclay increases the dynamic yield stress and enhances the thixotropy of fresh cement pastes with and without PCE addition. The nanoclay addition agglomerates the microstructure at high PCE addition and increases the thixotropic index from bottom value to a high value. Study has been carried out which gives insight of achieving low dynamic yield stress yet high static yield stress and thixotropy mixtures. (Quoted from Cement and Concrete Research Volume 111, September 2018, Pages 15-22)





















































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