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2017-12-25 New Product Notice:RDP(Redispersible polymer Powder

2017-11-28 New Product Notice: PEO ( Polyethylene Oxide )

2017-10-18 Sure Chem will attent the Exhibition «Cement. Concrete. Dry mixtures-2017» in Moscow

2017-8-28 World of Concrete LAS VEGAS 2018: Here we come the 4th time!

2017-7-20 EO trend in Jul.2017

2017-4-28 Research: Why we could not use the PCE and SNF together?

2017-3-5 Green and totally biodegradable Surfactant: AOS

2017-2-20 Green and totally biodegradable Surfactant: APG Series

2017-01-18 World of Concrete 2017,successful ,and impressive!

2016-12-06 Vacation in Da Nang Vietnam

2016-10-30 New Product Notice:PCE FLAKE(SJZ-20)

2016-10-30 Customer visited our PCE factory

2016-9-12 New Product Notice:SJZ-12, a new type of protein based high efficiency gypsum retarder

2016-7-31 Sure Chemical will attend World of Concrete LAS VEGAS 2017

2016-6-10 New Product Notice:Benzyl alcohol

2016-5-31 New Product Notice:Extra Fine Powder L(+)-tartaric acid+Anti-caking agent

2016-04-18 New Product Notice HSHM PVA fiber

2016-03-06 New product of Repulpable Paper Bag for pigment and dyestuff

2016-02-18 World of Concrete 2016 exhibition was successful

2015-12-01 Kazakhstan customers visit our export office

2015-09-15 Arrangement Notice For World of Concrete LAS VEGAS 2016

2015-08-09 Ferric Sulphate for mining

2015-05-16 New Product Notice:AR Glassfibre

2015-05-05 Sodium Gluconate  HOT SALE !

2015-02-15 World of Concrete 2015 tour is successful


2014-12-25 Arrangement Notice For World of Concrete 2015

2014-11-18 Our core supplier attend Expomina Peru 2014

2014-10-22 New Product Notice: CEMENT GRINDING AID : DEIPA

2014-10-21 New Product Notice:Color pavement brick Brighteners

2014-09-19 New Product Notice: Mono Potassium Phosphate (MKP)

2014-08-28 Ebola virus outbreak make the disinfectant sell well!

2014-08-12 Three-Day Trip To Taishan Mountain In Shandong

2014-06-13 Foaming machine export to Vietnam

2014-05-19 Successful forum in Russia and Sweden

2014-05-04 Visit from our customers

2014-04-10 New products available :Polyvinyl acetate latex PVAC

2014-03-12 Attending Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum in Russia and Sweden

2014-03-05 New products available : L-Hydroxyproline, L-Methionine, L-Proline

2014-01-01 Vacation in Phuket

2013-11-12 ChemExpo Africa 2013 tour is successful!

2013-10-11 New Product: SULPHUR BLACK BR.B 200%

2013-08-13 New Product: Polypropylene monofilament fibers for concrete

2013-08-13 New Product: TB-PP-Fibermesh

2013-07-26 New Product: Composite Foaming Agent (SJZ-6) used in Foam Concrete production

2013-07-08 New Product: Sodium Naphthalene Formaldehyde SJZ-5 grade

2013-04-12 Arrangement Notice For ChemExpo Arica 2013

2013-03-01 New Product Notice:  Ferric Oxide Desulfurizer

2013-02-08 Holiday Arrangement Notice

2013-01-29 Old Custumer,New Visit

2012-11-09 REMOVE NOTICE

2012-09-21 New product: SODIUM HYDROSULFIDE SOLID

2012-07-31 New office will be set up in Toronto,Canada

2012-06-28 Chemspec Europe 2012 tour is successful!

2012-05-11 Australia friends visit our export office

2012-04-28  Participating in P.T.NEWMONT NUSA TENGGARA Bidding

2012-03-13  American customers visit factory

2012-02-20  Sure chemical will attend Chemspec Europe 2012,Spain

2011-12-31   Happy new year

2011-12-01   New product: Granular iron oxide pigment

2011-10-30   Modified concrete pigment has great prospect in the market

2011-09-29   Chrome oxide green price increased

2011-08-04   Passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate

2011-08-01   Two-day trip to Hebei Yesanpo

2011-07-15   Visit in Russia




























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