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Three-Day Trip To Taishan Mountain In Shandong

During Aug.1 to Aug.3,2014, all of our staff and their family members had a three-day trip to Taishan Mountain in Shandong. Taishan Mountain, a typical representative of the Chinese famous traditional mountains, is a mountain with a long history and a special historic status. In 1982, Taishan Mountain was up into the list of State key scenic spots and was formally listed in the directory of World Natural and Cultural Heritage in 1987. We experienced the fun of climbing, and watched the glorious sunrise at the top of the mountain. We all enjoyed ourselves.Here is a famous Chinese ancient poem about Taishan to share with friends.

What shall I say of the Great Peak?
The ancient dukedoms are everywhere green,
Inspired and stirred by the breath of creation,
With the Twin Forces balancing day and night.
I bare my breast toward opening clouds,
I strain my sight after birds flying home.
When shall I reach the top and hold,
All mountains in a single glance?





























































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