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Concrete Admixtures



Product Brief:                                                                                               
Concrete High-range Water-reducer SM (Sulfonated Melamine-formaldehyde Resin) is a polymer electrolyte, SM is the best one of existing concrete admixtures in comprehensive properties.
It is able to prepare high-strength concrete and flowing concrete by adding SM into Ordinary Portland Cement. For high-strength concrete the compressive strength will reach or surpass 80MPa.This concrete is largely used in high-raise building and many important prestressed concrete structure of civil engineering. The flowing concrete is usually used for in-site casting and pump concreting,such as mass foundation and other structure with close arranging reinforcement .
It has an excellent compatibility for Aluminous Cement. In metallurgical industry SM is often used as major admixture for refractory concrete, including castables and field mixes.
The product of SM is of a white or transparent colourless water solution. Owing to this it can be extensively used in inorganic decorative materials such as man-made marble,terrazzo,paints and various gypsum products.

Item Standard
Appearance White powder
Surface Tension (711)10N/cm
pH Value 79
Na2SO4 content 3.04.0%
Cl-content 0.30.4%
Surface Tension mn/m 71.5-72.0
Dosage Recommendation% 0.3%~1.0%

Principle Technical properties:

1.For dosage within 0.5~1.0% by weight of cement,the water reduction rate will be 20~25%
2. When dosage is appropriate , it is able to increase the compressive strength of concrete and mortar by 40~100% at one day,by 30~60% at 28 days . The later age strength also in crease (about 20%) .
3. It is able to prepare high strength concrete (60~80MPa,even higher) by using 45.5#~55.5# Ordinary Portland Cement .
4.Adding SM to refractory concrete,from Aluminous Cement,the strength after drying at 110℃ and after burning at high temperature will increase obviously(by 60~170% for compressive).
5. Because of no air-entrainment SM can be used to cure concrete and their products.
6. The SM is usually applied to α-hemi hydrate gypsum and β-hemi hydrate gypsum.When dosage is 0.5~1.0% by weight of gypsum,it is able to increase the strength of gypsum by high water-reducing rate.

Safety Usage:
Keep the product away from eyes, mouth and skin carefully during use. Protective gloves and glasses are recommended. Rinse out with plenty of water after accidentally touched.

The powder form absorb moisture easily.It should be stored in its unopened original package, please keep it dry at usual ambient temperature and protect it from excessive heat (below 40°c).Don't stack up too high.

Handle with care to avoid breakage when moving.
Keep away from moisture when transporting.
This product is non-toxic,non-irritating,no-combustible.

Shelf Life:1 year for powder form.


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