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Food Additives


Product Brief:

Chlorella is a type of green algae. Its protein content is up to 55-65%. Its amino acid composition is very suitable for human body, and it contains a large amount of vitamins and chlorophyll, especially the bioactive glucoprotein, polysaccharide and nucleic acid (as high as 13%). Chlorella Pyrenoidosa contains much CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor), and is helpful to the quick recovery of various damages of the body. Besides, it can function as the food flavor modifier in the food and fermentation industry.
The chlorella is acknowledged healthy food in the whole world.


Items Standard
Moisture % 7.0
Ash % 8.0
Protein % 55.0
Arsenic mg/kg <0.50
Lead mg/kg <1.0
Mercury mg/kg <1.0
Bacteriology pc/g 10000
Coliforms pc/g Negative
Pathogenic Bacteria Negative

Package: 25kg fibre drum.

1) Nutrition additive --Offer the protein, chlorophyll, vitamin, mineral substance, nucleic acid of the high content.
2) Draw things as the food coloring
3) The fodder - opening bait of fishes and shrimps
4) Cosmetics raw materials


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