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Food Additives

CAS NO:6132-04-3
Molecular formula: C6 H5O7Na3. 2H2O
Molecular weight: 294.12

Structural Formula


Item Standard(BP98)
Content 99.0-101.0
Acidity and Alkalinity Comply with the test
Heavy Metal (PB) 0.001
As 0.0001
Fe Salt 0.001
Sulphate 0.03
Sulfate 0.015
Feadily Carbonisable Substances Comply with the test
Chloride 0.005
Water 11.0-13.0
Liquor Appearance Clear and transparent and colourless

Package: 25kg kraft bag,1000kg pallet packing,500-1000kg bag etc.


Used as anticoagulin,chemical reagent,food additive,developer,buffer emulsifying agent, stabilizing agent and used in nonhydrogen electroplation as well as widely in tail gas absorption process of sulfur dioxide for chemical and metallurgy industries.Its absorptivity reaches 99%. The waste absorbed may be regenerated into sulfur dioxide liquid and potassium citrate for cyclic utilization. The daily-use chemical detergent with potassium citrate. As raw material instead of sodium phosphate trimer, it is non-toxic and non-pollution.It also may be used as buffer agent in cosmetic production.



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