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CAUSTIC SODA                                                              
CAS NO.: 1310-73-2
Molecular formula: NaOH
Molecular weight: 40.00
UN No:1823

Characteristic: white flakes or pearls with strong corrosiveness, easily soluble in water, presenting alkaline solution and heat liberation, presenting deliquescence when exposed to air.

Items Super grade High grade First grade Super grade
Appearance Flake Flake Flake Pearls
NaOH 99%min 98%min 96%min 99%min
Na2CO3 0.8%max 0.9%max 1.0%max 0.8%max
NaCl 0.3%max 1.0%max 3.2%max 0.1%max
Fe2O3 0.01%max 0.02%max 0.02%max 0.004%max

Package: 25kgs plastic woven bags or 500kg/1000kg jumbo bag.


Basic and important chemical material. used in textile industry, printing, detergent,paper-making ,soap-making,metallurgy ,glassenamel ,medicament ,oil-refining and making synthetic fiber ,plastics ,and many kinds of organic-mediacy ,etc


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