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CAS Number: 140-93-2
Molecular Formula: (CH3)2CHOCSSNa
Structual Formular:


A yellowish powder or pellet with a pungent odor, soluble in water.


Item Pellet Drying Powder Drying Pellet Synthetic Powder Synthetic
Sodium isopropyl xanthate % 90.0 90.0 84.0 84.0
Free alkali % 0.2 0.2 0.5 0.5
Moisture and volatile % 4.0 4.0 - -
D(mm) 36 ____ 3-6 -
L(mm) 515 ____ 5-15 -
Period of validity(month) 12 12 6 6
Packing 50kg/plastic woven bag 110kg/steel drum, 850kg/plywood box 50kg/plastic woven bag 110kg/steel drum 120kg/steel drum, 40kg/plastic woven bag 120kg/steel drum, 40kg/plastic woven bag

Storage & transport: To be protected from damp, torrid sunlight and fire.

The collecting power of sodium isopropyl xanthate is a little stronger than that of ethyl xanthate.It is mainly used in the flotation of nonferrous metallic sulfide minerals as a collector.It is also used as precipitant in hydrometallurgical processes and as sulfidation promoter of rubber.


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