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CAS NO. 7631-90-5
Molecular formula: NaHSO3
Molecular weight: 104.07

Characteristic: clear monoclinic crystal or white crystalline powder; sulfa dioxide odor; specific density: 1.48; dissociate upon heating; water soluble; acidic aqueous solution; slightly soluble in alcohol; readily oxidized into sodium sulfate in air; strongly reductive; form adduct with formaldehyde; storage: tightly sealed and avoid light.


Item Standard
Purity (in SO2) 65%min
pH (5% aqueous solution) 4.0-4.5
Water insoluble substance 0.02%max
Fe 0.01%max
Heavy metal(as Pb) 0.02%max

Package: 25/50kg N.W. in knitted bag lined with PVC bag  


in photographic developer, preservative for food, electrobath for electroplating of copper; for bleaching of organic products, chemical synthesis etc.; as reductant ; in pesticide etc.


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