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CAS NO. 7631-90-5
Molecular formula: NaHSO3
Molecular weight: 104.07

Characteristic: clear monoclinic crystal or white crystalline powder. Sulfa dioxide odor; specific density: 1.48; dissociate upon heating. Water soluble. Acidic aqueous solution. Slightly soluble in alcohol. Readily oxidized into sodium sulfate in air. Strongly reductive. Form adduct with formaldehyde. Storage: tightly sealed and avoid light.


Item Standard
Purity (in SO2) 65%min
pH (5% aqueous solution) 4.0-4.5
Water insoluble substance 0.02%max
Fe 0.01%max
Heavy metal(as Pb) 0.02%max

Package: 25/50kg N.W. in knitted bag lined with PVC bag  


In photographic developer, preservative for food, electrobath for electroplating of copper. For bleaching of organic products, chemical synthesis etc. Used as reductant and in pesticide etc.


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