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CAS NO.: 7681-57-4
Molecular Formula Na2S2O5
Molecule Weight 190.10

Appearance: White or light yellow crystalline powder.

Specification :

Item Standard
Purity (calculated with Na2S2O5) 97%min
Iron (Fe) 0.0005%max
Arsenic (As) 0.0002%max
PH value 4.0-4.6
Water insoluble matter 0.05%max
Heavy metal(as Pb) 0.002%max

Package:  25kg net in PP bags with PE liner, or 1000kg net in ton bag


The pharmaceutical industry: produce chloroform, phenylpropyl sulfone and benzaldehyde.
The rubber industry: can be used as a coagulant.
The printing and dyeing: a dechlorination agent and cotton scouring agent after cotton bleaching.
The tannery industry: can be used for leather treatment, which enables the leather turns soft, plump and tough, with waterproof, anti-folding and abrasion resistance.
The chemical industry: produce hydroxy vanillin, hydroxylamine hydrochloride, etc.
The photosensitive industry: serves as a developer or the like.
The food industry: a bleaching agent, preservative, bulking agent, antioxidant, color protectant and preservative.

sodium metabisulphte sodium metabisulphite

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