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Cas No.: 497-19-8
Molecular Formula: Na2CO3
Molecule Weight: 105.99

Characteristic: White granular (dense),white crystalline powder(light). anhydrous substance,easily Soluble in water,presenting alkaline solution,absorbing carbon dioxide and water conversion into sodium bicarbonate with lump.


Item Super grade First grade
Purity 99.2%min 98.5%min
NaCl 0.25-0.4%max 0.7%max
Fe2O3: 0.004%max 0.003%max
Water insoluble 0.04%max 0.05%max
Loss on ignition 0.5%max --------

Package: 40kgs or 50kgs plastic woven bags lined with one layer polythene bag.

Basic and important chemical materials. used as metallurgy,textiles,printing,

food stuff, glass, enamel, medication,paper-making and other chemical.



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