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Pharm. Raw Materials

CAS No: 56-40-6
Molecular Formula: C2H5NO2
Molecular Weight: 75.07

Appearance: White crystal or crystalline powder and material produced by fermentation technology.


Items USP 24 Food Grade
Content 99-101% 98.5-101.5%
Chloride 0.007%max 0.02%max
Heavy metal 0.001%max 0.002%max
Arsenic 0.0001%max 0.0002%max
Ammonium 0.02%max -----
Sulphate 0.006%max ------
Iron 0.001%max ------
Residue on ignition 0.1%max 0.1%max
Loss on drying 0.2%max 0.2%max
PH value 5.5-6.6 5.5-7.0
Transmittance 98%min 98%min

Package: In kraft paper bags or in fiber drum of 25KG net each.

Application: Used in pharmaceutical materials, food ingredients etc.



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