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Pharm. Raw Materials

Cas No:6556-11-2  
Molecular Formula :C42H30N6O12
Molecular weight: 810.73
Structural Formula:    


Item Standard
Appearance White or white-like powder.
Identify A B C conformed
Loss on drying: max 0.5%
Clearity maxBY6
Cl - max 0.035%
Sulfate Ash max 0.1%
Free nicotinate acid max0.8ml/g
Lead or Heavy metals max 0.001%
Relative substance conformed
Acetone Conformed
Total Plate Count max1000cfu/g
Molds&Yeast max100cfu/g
E.Coli Negative
Salmonella Negative
Staphylococcus Aureus Negative
Content 98.0-101.0%

Package: In 25Kg fibre drum.


It is a mild ambient blood vessel expanding agent, and it can gradually hydrolyze into nicotinic acid and inositol in the body, thus having the pharmacological action of both nicotinic acid and inositol. Its expanding action to blood vessel is slower and more permanent than that of nicotinic acid, without side effect of flush and the discomfort of stomach. It is reported that this product can selectively expand the blood vessel for pathologic part and hypersensitive part caused by the stimulation of cold, but it is weak in expanding the normal blood vessel. Moreover, it has the action of dissolving thrombus, resisting coagulation, preventing fatty liver and reducing the brittleness of capillary vessel.
       In clinic, it is used as adjuvant to treat hyperlipemia, coronary heart disease and various acroteric blood vessel disorder (such as arteriosclerosis obliterans, acro-artery convulsion, frostbite and vascular hemicrania, etc.)



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