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Ferric Sulphate for mining

Other minning chemicals

Our ferric sulphate usually is used in mine , coal plant, steel plant, power plant, paper plant ,oil field, life waste water and sea water, other waste water treatment ,and drinking water treatment.
Our ferric sulphate has high Fe3+ content, it is very easy to be dissolved in water, the insoluble substance is very low, it has strong removal capacity for COD, BOD, P, heavy metal and etc.
The biggest steel plant, the biggest paper plant and the biggest gold mine in China are always using our ferric sulphate.

The specification of our ferric sulphate  as follows:
Appearance :  yellow powder
Solubility: Readily soluble in water
Form : Dry in form & fairly uniform in size
Fe3+ content    : More than 21.0% (m/m)
Fe2+ content    : 0.10% max
Water insoluble material: Less than 0.3% of  Ferric Sulphate to be insoluble in water.
Acidity : pH of 1% water solution shall be 2-3 or be advised

Package:25 kg p/p bags

Our ferric sulphate has the characteristics compared to other product: is new iron salt inorganic water purified agent settle, the time is about 5-30min, with other equipment, the speed will be faster
3.fine effect, no iron ion is transfer into water in 10 folds dosage.
4.stable, the solution can be reserved in long time, no deposit and degrade or block the pipe.
5.It can remove various impurities, especially for COD and BOD
6.nontoxic and harmless, it has not aluminum pollution, is green agent
7.The application PH is 4-11, best is 6-9, it can decrease PH and hardness of water
8. special effect to micro-pollution, algae and low cloud water







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