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New Product Notice:ASA compound multifunctional film

The ASA (Acrylonitrile Acrylic Styrene) compound multifunctional film is New type high macromolecule film which has mainly been used in roof and outdoor furniture. It is made from ASA master batch and advantage colorant master batch and famous for good anti-aging, anti-weathering, anti-UV, anti-pollution ability.


  1. ASA film has good anti-aging, anti-weather ability,which could effective extended Plastic roof tile and out-door furniture service life ,increase products value.
  2. ASA film has good anti-UV, good gloss and color retention, which could effective promote the outdoor furniture more colorful, let your home more beautiful.
  3. ASA film has good anti-static and self-cleaning ability, which don’t absorb dust and easily be clean by water or rain.
  4. ASA film has good strength, durable, scratch proof ability , which could effective protect material surface .The finished product surface smooth, homogeneous. Special for ASA coextrusion technology.
  5. The ASA film is made from high advantage colorant master batch, which could effective reflect infrared , reduce thermal focusing, reduce roof surface temperature, increase product service time.
  6. The ASA film is green and environment friendly product , which not contain any asbestos and any redioactive element ,could be recycled in use.

ASA Roof tile, ASA Roof sheet, steel plate, steel roll, outdoor furniture etc.

Width:1180mm,1280mm,1310mm or based on customer requirements(Max 1500mm)
Thickness :80 micron,100 micron,120micron
Color:Red/blue/Gray /Red or based on your requirements.

Test Specification:

1000M per Roll or Based on your requirements.







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