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New Product Notice:Color pavement brick Brighteners

SJZ-8, color pavement brick brightener is an admixture made of sulphonate melamine formaldehyde resin. It have the functions of the color remain,color improve. It can give color cement products bright surface and keep color long lasting. With the sjz-8, the concrete early strenght is enhaced, mold unloading cycle is shorter, mold turnover is faster, mold invest is less, the rate of finished products is higher, product surface is bright after mold loading , no color difference and splash, more colorful and pavement self-cleaning ability is improved. This products has good adaptability with various cement and pigment and can be used together with other admixture.
2. Technical Data
Appearance : white powder
Water content :  4%max
PH value ( 20℃ 20%liquid ) : 8-10
Alkali Content :   8%max
Cl Content   :   0.02%max
Surface Tension ( mn/m):    71.5-72
Dosage Recommendation:   0.3-1%
(in relation of weight of blinder)
3.Fields of Application
Decoration concrete, color pavment brick and wear-resistant floor.
Color stamped/embossed floor systerm and color gypsum products.
It doesn't affect the brightening effect when used with other chemical admixtures.
25kg plastic sealed bag or under customer's requested.
The powder form absorb moisture easily. It should be stored in its unopened packaging. please be store dry at usual ambient temperature and protect from excessive heat (below 40℃). Don't stack up too high.
Handle with care to avoid breakage when moving. Keep from moisture when transporting. This product is non-toxic,non-irritating,non-combustible.
7.Shelf life
1year for powder form, it should be used up as soon as possible after opened package.









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