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New Product Notice: Wollastonite fiber

What is wollastonite
Wollastonite is a natural metasilicic acidic mineral. Its molecular formula is CaSiO3, and its constitutional formula is Ca3[Si3O9]. Wollastonite is triclinic. It is normally a white, greyish or ruddy assemblage of acicular and fibrous shapes. It shows vitreous luster, and the cleavage surface shows nacreous luster. Its hardness reaches 4.5-5.0, the expansion coefficient is 6.5×10-6 mm/(mm·℃), the melting point is 1540℃, the density is 2.75~3.10g/cm3. Wollastonite has low conductivity, good insulation, low water solubility and oil absorbency. Its solubility in neutral water is no more than 0.0095g/100ml. With unique acicular shape and stable chemical property, wollastonite is featured with good heat resistance, hard wearing and corrosion resistance, and strengthening and reinforcing functions. Being innocuous, flavorless, and non-radioactive, it is extensively applied in functional paint, rubber and plastic, friction materials, building materials, paper making, metallurgy. Wollastonite fiber is environmental inorganic functional filling of high quality.

Wollastonite fiber

Wollastonite fiber products we could supply
We are able to produce ultrapure, ultrafine, ultra-long wollastonite fiber products with high slenderness ratio and granularity which can be 6000 meshes( at least). With good quality, our products are widely adopted in plastic, rubber, paint, porcelain, friction materials and metallurgy protection. As functional filling with excellent performance, wollastonite fiber may totally substitute for asbestos materials and partially for fiberglass. It plays an excellent role in upgrading product property and lowering production cost.







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