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New Product Notice: Isoprenol and Metallyl Alcohol

Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer the third-generation superplasticizer,is more and more popular and widely used. This bring a huge demand for the raw material ( TPEG HPEG ) of PCE. Many manufacturers plan to produce the TPEG or HPEG, and they need to import the  significant raw material Isoprenol and Metallyl Alochol. Isoprenol is for TPEG and Metallyl Alochol for HPEG. Our facotry started a new project to supply these two items and the product technology of this project is advanced, mature and reliable. At the same time, DCS automatic control technology is adopted in the production process, which ensures the intrinsic safety of the production process, reducing the production risk, and ensures the product quality stability. The product of this project is widely used and the market demand has a good potential.







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