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New Product Notice:Dispersant MF&NNO

MF / Environment-Friendly MF
The dispersing agent MF is mainly used as dispersing agent and filler for vat dyes and disperse dyes. It is mainly used for disperse dyes and finishing agents and dispersants when vat dyes are lapping, and its performance is better than dispersant N. The dispersant MF has the advantages of good grinding efficiency, dispersibility , heat resistance , dispersion stability in high temperature. It is more resistant to high temperature and stable than the dispersant N. The dispersing agent MF can make the dye more brightly and colorful, increase color force, and uniform coloring. the dispersing agent MF can also be mixture formulation with all kinds of dispersants in order to adapt to the various commercial requirements of disperse dyes and vat dyes, can be used as concrete early strength superplasticizer, can be used as dispersing agent both in during grinding vat dyestuff and during dyeing with vat dye suspension, and stabilizer in rubber and latex industry, auxiliary tanning agent in leather industry.

The dispersing agent NNO mainly used for disperse dyes, vat dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes and as dispersant in leather dye, grinding efficiency, solubilization , excellent dispersibility; also can be used for textile printing and dyeing, as dispersing agent in wettable pesticide, dispersing agent in papermaking plating additive, water soluble coating, pigment dispersing agent, water treatment agent, carbon black dispersing etc.. In industry, the dispersing agent NNO is mainly used for reducing pigment pad dyeing dyes, vat acid leuco dyeing, dispersion adn soluble dyes dyeing etc. It can also be used in dyeing silk / wool interwoven fabric to make the silk colorless. In dye industry, the dispersing agent NNO mainly used as dispersing , auxiliary diffusion in the manufacture of color lake, increase rubber latex stability, as well as auxiliary tanning agent in leather.







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