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New Product Notice:Sulphonated Acetone Formaldehyde Condensate(Resin) /SAF (Powder)

Sulfonated Acetone-formaldehyde Condensate, aka, Aliphatic Superplasticizer (SAF) is a kind of anionic aliphatic macromolecular surface active substance which is derived from acetone, formaldehyde and sulfonating agent with alkalic catalysis.
SAF is a high range water reducer, commonly referred to as a superplasticizer. SAF contains no added chloride. SAF meets the requirements of chemical admixture specifications for concrete: ASTM C494, DS-5075, and JIS-6204.

1. Used for projects which require high performance concrete with property of high strength, elasticity, fluidity, and impermeability:
(1)Rapid-transit railroad, Highway, Subway, Tunnel, Bridge.
(2) Self-compacting concrete.
(3) High-rise buildings with high durability.
(4) Pre-cast & Pre-stressed elements.
(5) Ocean oil drilling platform, Off-shore & marine structures etc.
2. SAF is especially applicable to following types of concrete: flowable and plastic concrete, autotrophic or steam curing concrete, impermeable and water proof concrete, durable and anti-freeze/thaw concrete, anti-sulphonate-corrosion concrete, steel-bar enforced concrete, and pre-stress concrete.
3. Used to make high strength concrete pipe (PHC) C80, ready-mix concrete (C20-C70), pumping concrete, high performance concrete, self-compacting concrete, water-proofing and large volume concrete.
4. Used in all kinds of Portland cements and steam curing concrete.




Visual Appearance

Red Brown Powder

Moisture, %


Fineness (0.315mm remains), %


PH value


Chloride Content, %


Na2O+0.658K2O (%)


Cement Paste Flow, mm





Solid Content,%


Water Reducing Rate %


Compressive Strength Ratio %

1 day


3 days


7 days


28 days


Air Content %


Bleeding Ratio %


Shrinkage (28 day) %


Setting Time difference min.





Steel Reinforcement Corrosion


1. SAF is alkalescent and has a high water reducing rate of 15-25%.
2. When it’s added, 25-30% of cement can be saved without sacrificing strength and slump loss compared with plain concrete.
3. SAF has significant early and post-strengthening ability. Concrete added with SAF can reach to 60-70%, 100% of designed strength in 3 and 7 days respectively. Thus its strength is enhanced by 30-40% compared with plain concrete in 28 days.
4. SAF has high plasticity. Concrete added with SAF has less slump loss. It almost has no slump loss in 60 minutes and only loses 10-20% in 90 minutes.
5. SAF is applicable to a variety of cement. It improves workability and plasticity. It works well with other admixtures.
6. SAF can improve the anti-freeze/thaw ability, and impermeability of concrete. It protects concrete from sulphonate corrosion and improves physical performance in many other aspects.
7. SAF is nontoxic, nonflammable and noncorrosive to steel bars.
8. SAF effectively reduces the reaction with alkaline aggregates and has no crystallization from sodium sulphate in winter.

Uses and Dosages
1. Dosage range is 0.4-1.2% and the recommended dosage is 0.6% of the weight of cementitious materials. Appropriate blend dosage shall be determined according to the projects requirements and the materials used.
2. The effects of water reduction and dispersion will be better if applied with stagnant water blending method or post-blend approach.

Packaging, Transport and Storage

1.The product is packed in poly woven bag with inner plastic liner. 25kg/Bag. 2.Handling with care to avoid breakage when moving. Keep from moisture when transporting. This product is non-toxic, non-irritating, no-combustible.3. The powder form absorbs moisture easily. It should be stored in its unopened packaging, please be store dry at usual ambient temperature and protect from excessive heat.(below 40℃).Don't stack up too high. 1 year for powder form.







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