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New Product Notice:Concrete Steel Fiber

What is steel fiber
Steel fiber is the filaments of wire, deformed and cut to lengths, for reinforcement of concrete, mortar, cement slurry and other composite materials.

Where steel fiber used
It is widely applicable to airport runways、anti -earthquake structures、 highway road、bridge、 tunnel、industrial building ground、mine engineering、water conservancy、railway engineering、pile foundation、 precast concrete element and many other construction sites.

How to use steel fiber
Fibers can be added at the batch plant by depositing onto an aggregate conveyor. They can also be added to a transit mixer on site by use of a lightweight conveyer attached directly to the back of the vehicle. Take industry floor as an example:

Why chose our steel fiber
Steel fiber can overcome the weakness of concrete embrittlement
1.Outstanding crack resisting- After cracking, tensile stress is delivered to the steel fiber who can act as tiny reinforcing bars to restrain the mirco-cracking.
2.Excellent impact resistance --By adding steel fiber with a volume ratio of 0.5%-2%, you can improve the impact resistance of reinforced concrete by about 20 times
3.Other functions: High tensile strength/ High fatigue resistance /High flexural strength/High abrasion resistance/ Reduce concrete volume/ Save construction time and cost…

Glued Steel Fiber
Compare with traditional steel fiber, the manufacturing technique for glued steel fiber is a huge breakthrough. It combines the higher performance of steel fiber and modern technology innovation together. By the characteristic of water soluble glue, glued steel fiber can be uniformly dispersed in concrete during concrete mixing process, avoiding agglomerate, to take the best effect on anchorage and pull-out function.

Hooked-end Steel Fiber
With unique hook end, compare with traditional steel fiber, hooked-end steel fiber has higher performance on tensile strength, crack resistance, crush resistance and crease resistance. Because of its high properties, and low cost, hooked-end steel fiber is widely used on municipal engineering, industry floor, pressure-bearing ground and tunnel shotcreting.

Slit Sheet Steel Fiber
As one of the traditional steel fibers, slit steel fiber which is cost save can easily to be applied in construction with its excellent anchorage force, so it is widely used in many fields.

Copper Micro Steel Fiber
Copper Micro steel fiber is a special metal fiber. By its tinny size and high fatigue resistance, it is fish disperses in each corner of buildings and important engineering components in which the space of concrete is limited, such as precast init used on high-speed railway and PRC cover board, etc.

Polypropylene (PP) Fiber
PP Fiber is a high performance polypropylene fiber which is developed to reduce cracking during the curing of concrete and improve the strength of cohesiveness and surface quality of concrete. It is suitable for hot and tropical climate, also is used in mixtures to increase the strength in bending and tension. PP Fiber is an economical and quality alternative to steel mesh controls the formation of cracks.







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