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New Product Notice:PCE FLAKE(SJZ-20)

Polycarboxylate series high performance superplasticizer mostly in liquid status now, power type superplasticizer in market most are spraied by liquid mother liquor with admixtures. In the process of spray powder & fast drying, due to the destructive of high temperature environment for poly carboxylic acid molecules, the made power superplasticizer combination property far lower than liquid PCE; Meanwhile as power PCE with admixtures ,when power PCE for formulation functional admixtures, not so flexible to adjust than liquid PCE
So our new type PCE flake , adoptinghen cooling and cutting for flake type PCE, Fundamentally put an end to the  high temperature environment damage to the poly carboxylic acid molecules, also as adopting polymerazation process, it don't add any functional materials in PCE, it is 99%min PCE, from transportation to customer application for more convenience, also it can adjust the formulation functional admixtures flexibly for construction requirements.

How to use PCE flake
1. Adding PCE flake with enough water into mixing equipment for fully dissolved and stir well/ evenly, it will be liquid PCE, to improve  dissolving efficiency, suggest compound concentration should not be too high,5%-20% better.
2、After diluting PCE flake,it will be PCE liquid ,then for formulation functional admixtures , Suggest after solid PCE fully dissolved then for formulation again.
Product shelf life: 12 month under stated storage conditions.







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