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New product notice:Repulpable (dissolvable) paper bag

We are now involved in offering Repulpable Paper Bag of superior quality. These are highly appreciated by the customers for their eco-friendliness, biodegradability, fine finishing, good strength and stiffness.

This kind of bag can be used in delivering pigment and dyestuff in order to reduce the amount of dust and encourage recycling of paper. This bag is made of repulpable kraft, water-soluble adhesives and water-dispersible inks. The loading size includes 10-50lbs.

In concrete industry, many concrete pigment (color) and concrete admixture suppliers use this kind of bag. The repulpable bags are designed to disintegrate through a combination of wetting and grinding the paper during concrete mixing.

Do not introduce repulpable bags into concrete mixes with low water-cementitious ratios and smaller size aggregates as these mixes may not develop sufficient mixing energy to fully repulp the bags. Always determine repulpability of bags by pretesting mix designs and batch sequence.

The advantage of using this kind of repulpable paper bag as flws:

1) Improved environmental performance
a) Waste is eliminated – the leftover bags do not have to be disposed of and less material is wasted in the mixing process.
b) Material utilization is improved – all the material in the bag ends up in the mixer and none spills into the environment

2) Health and safety performance is improved.
a) Worker’s exposure to powdered material is reduced significantly - no material is spilt during the mixing process and workers do not come into contact with powdered material.
b) Risk of injury is reduced - the bags do not have to be cut open with sharp tools
c) Ergonomics are improved – less handling and lifting of the bags

3)Work processes are simplified (time savings) – fewer steps in the preparation of the concrete/mortar result in less time needed for the mixing process.

4) Commercial benefits The costs of disposing of the empty sacks are eliminated.








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