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Sodium Gluconate  HOT SALE !

Recently we came to an agreement with the sodium gluconate factory to supply them the service for the international marketing. The factory located in our city and  invested crystal sodium gluconate production line at 2012, The planning annual production capacity of crystal sodium gluconate is 160,000 tons. The total investment is RMB 330,000,000 Yuan and the 1st stage project has been completed in spring 2013.

Sodium  Gluconate
white or light yellow crystal powder; easily soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol; saline taste.
Main uses: acid-base equilibrium, water quality stabilizer, surface cleaning agent and cement retarder agent.
1. cement retarder agent
By the adding of sodium gluconate, the starting solidification time of cement will be prolonged by times. Then the working time will be longer.
2. pharmaceutical filed
It is used to adjust acid-base equilibrium in order to prevent low sodium syndrome. It is fine food additive. 
3. water quality stabilizer
It is widely used as water quality stabilizer in many fields such as cooling water system, low pressure boiler and etc.
4. steel surface cleaning agent
It is used as cleaning agent to clean the surface of steel. Therefore the cladding material and steel surface will be bonded tightly.







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