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2019-12-15 New Product Notice:Silica Fume(Microsilica)

2019-12-08 Flexi bag: A new package for polycarboxylate superplasticizer 50% liquid  (POLYETHERS IN PRIMARY FORMS)

2019-12-07 1x20ft Sodium Naphthalene formaldehyde loaded today for PT.Kao indonesia on this weekend vessel.

2019-12-06 US Environmental Protection Agency controls ethylene oxide emissions


2019-12-01 Polycarboxylate superplasticizer +shrinkage-reducing agent +defoaming agent +air-entraining agent

2019-10-21 PCE powder export to Indonesia !

2019-10-15 Good news or bad news for China original PCE ?

2019-10-12 We made a speech at PCE 2019 !

2019-09-06 2fcl Microsilica as a trial order to South America market

2019-07-22 Who could supply the AA together with 3-MPA ?

2019-07-18 1fcl isoprenol exported to Russian market

2019-07-02 PCE heat resistant grade export to Russian market

2019-05-21 A good beginning is half the battle :First time Na2S from China export to EU market!

2019-05-06 SGS onsite sample taking inspection

2019-04-09 New product notice:Repulpable (dissolvable) paper bag

2019-04-08 Experience sharing session of WOC LasVegas 2015-2018

2019-02-23 New Product Notice:SJZ-40 special for concrete

2019-02-18 The Growth, welcome old customers to visit our company 5 years later

2019-01-31 Chinese Spring Festival Holiday Arrangement Notice




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