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2021-12-07 UNCTAD has stated that imports will increase in price next year!

2021-11-01 New Product Notice: Bentonite Clay

2021-09-15 New Product Notice: Trimethylolpropane (TMP) 

2021-08-18 New Product Notice: Polypropylene Fibre ( PP )—Mesh/ Fibrillated packed in 600g/ water soluble paper bag is ready for export !

2021-07-15 China's foreign trade rises to record high

2021-07-13 New Product Notice: ACRYLAMIDE

2021-05-27 New Product Notice: Rubber Accelerator DPTU

2021-05-13 Challenges and opportunities coexist as do hardships and hopes

2021-04-26 Chemical raw materials skyrocket! The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China is ready to take measures!

2021-03-26 New Product Notice: Liquid Epoxy Resin

2021-03-23 The price of concrete admixture’s raw materials is rising rapidly recently!

2021-03-08 Crazy! Skyrocket! More than 20 chemical raw materials soared by 100%!

2021-02-02 Holiday Notice for Chinese New Near 2021

2021-01-20 New Product Notice: A new low-calorie sugar substitute——Allulose

2021-01-18 Raw material 's price increased crazy bring the Sodium gluconate price up 30% than Dec .2020 !





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