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How to buy SPIRULINA


Scientific research shows
The spiral algae is all already nutrition composition has been the most abundant among the living beingses found, most overall, most balanced marine organisms, It has following biochemistry to form the characteristic:

The protein     
Up to contents 70% 60% -,consist of 18 kinds of amino acid,among them the 8th kinds for the human body must and amino acid that formate, It is mankind's most ideal protein treasure-house.

It contains ten more than a kind of vitamin and extremely abundant contents among them content as much as 12 now's content the most high one in the known organisms B, Higher by 3 than animal's liver. 5 times, B 12 is the best growing the blood catalyst of the human body. content of carrotene is the first of all natural food, is 15 times of the carrot in the spiral algae, Have anti-cancer, resist the cancer, strengthen the immune function of the human body and delay old and feeble function .

Mineral substance
Contain the mineral substances of many kinds of helpful health, such as calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, potassium, magnesium, iodine,etc. richly, The content of the organic iron is 23 times of the spinach among them, include the most abundant food of iron. These mineral substance combine easy to absorb and utilize for the human body with organic matter and regulate organism balanced and the activations of enzyme effectively.

Fatty acid
Contain the human body unable to formate and essential unrighted acid: have and lower fat of blood, soften the function of the blood vessel. Spiral algae and breast milk sour and abundant and can be absorbed by the human body directlily to contain flax in the nature.

The content is more than 10 times of the ordinary vegetables, can promote the human body digesting , remove the toxin in the blood, Dispel the viscera inflammation.

The blue albumen of algae
It is the light that the spiral algae is peculiar that shuts the pigment, the content can reach 18% of dry weight , can strengthen the immune function of the human body , Anti-ageing and improve looks.


Item Standard
Appearance Dark blue green
Protein 60%min
Ash 8%max
Moisture 8%max
Pb 2.0ppm max
As 0.5ppm max
Cd 0.2ppm max
Hg 0.3ppm max
Bacteria count 10000cfu/g max
Coli bacteria 90 mpn/100g
Pathogenic bacteria none

Package: 25kg Fibre Drum       


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