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Chemical Name:5-carbon aldose
Molecular Formula:C5H10O5                      
Molecular Weight:150.13
Cas No.: 58-86-6

How to buy D-XYLOSE


White Crystalline or White Crystalline powder ,easily dissolve in water.

Physiological Characters:
1.Same sweet and flavor as glucose ,can improve the flavor of normal sweet foods and to odor,to maximumly satisfy people who like sweet but worry about weight control.
2.Not utilized by oral microbes and has part of similar function as dietary fiber.
3.Good compatibility with food when added a few Xylose into the food ,it can show good health care function and at the same time it can raise the absorption of Ca when assume Xylose together with Ca,and it can also prevent constipation .

Specification :

Apperance White Crystalline powder
Assay 98.0%-102.0%
Loss on Drying 0.1%
Residue on ignition 0.05%
Specific rotation 18.2-19.4
Iron Not more than 5 ppms
Heavy metals 0.001%
Organic volatile impruities Meets the requirements
Melting Point 147-151

Application :

  1. To produce Xylitol after hydrogenation.
  2. Add in feedstuff for pets in some advanced countries.
  3. The pure crystalline D-Xylose can be the good material instead of sugar to produce flavor agent by its Maillard reaction .Compared with other six carbon sugar,D-Xylose needs fewer reaction time to get different flavors like roast beef /Pork ,cooking meat ,chicken,baked potato,baking food and so on .Through different hydrolyzed protein and amino acid response .The FEMA approved D-Xylose as a safe food additive.
  4. High quality soy sauce color.
  5. Raw material for essence to meat. 
  6. Produce anti-oxidants for food.


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