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Welcome To Sure Chem

Sure Chem is one of the leading chemical companies in Hebei which was founded in 2009. We serve the international chemical market as a exporter and are experts in the field of concrete admixture, mining chemicals, food additives, water treament chemicals, etc. We are also interested and informative in other Chemicals trade of Chinese origin.
We are working hard to develop a seamless connection with our customers, and placing a strong emphasis on responding quickly to customer inquiries and providing informative quotes. We provide the China-original superior quality of material, which can help our customer cut cost and show a good performance in their project.       More>>


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 Markets We Serve   Product list A to Z    


Concrete Admixtures


Concrete Admixtures are substances added to improve and adjust the performance of concrete quality. As an important part of the concrete industry, it has been playing an increasingly important role. Adding an appropriate amount of admixture to the concrete can improve its quality and performance, reduce concrete water consumption, save cement, lower costs and speed up construction progress. Concrete admixtures are used as the least amount of concrete materials components while performance an significant part. The admixture can be divided into early strength agent, water reducer, retarder and air entraining agent, etc.    

Click here to know more about the 23 most popular Concrete Admixtures of global market.


Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer(PCE)
Sodium Gluconate(SG)
Silica Fume (Microsilica)
Sulphonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde(SNF)
Sodium Formate
Sulfonated Melamine Formaldehyde(SMF)
Cement Content-reducing Admixture  
Acrylic Acid
3-Mercaptopropionic acid ( 3-MPA )
Chromium Oxide Green
Iron Oxide Red
Iron Oxide Yellow
Titanium Dioxide

 Mining  Chemicals

The definition of mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth from an orebody, lode, vein, seam, or reef, which forms the economic interest to the mine owner. In this field, mining chemicals play an important role in improving the productivity and efficiency of mining processes, such as extraction, water treatment, transportation, etc.


Caustic Soda
Sodium Sulfide 60% red/yellow flake
Sodium Hydrosulphide
Sodium Bisulfite
Sodium Metabisulfite
Sulfamic Acid
SIBX 90% pellet
SIPX 90% pellet
SEX 90% pellet
PAX 90% pellet

Personal Care Ingredients  

Personal care products are mainly for personal body and skin maintenance. Specifically, it includes facial cosmetics like facial mask, cream, makeup, cleanser & body cares such as bath salt shower, emollient, hand sanitizer & head cares like shampoo and conditioner etc. Here SureChem is the qualified and reliable raw material Ingredients supplier for personal care series used in bath salt and cosmetics and hand cleaner.


Bath Salts
Cosmetics Bentonite
Magnesium Chloride
Magnesium oil
Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES)
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
Talc Powder

 Agricultural  fertilizer

Agricultural fertilizer are necessary for plant growth. Materials that are applied to the land primarily to enhance soil characteristics are commonly referred to as soil amendments. Most fertilizers that are commonly used in agriculture contain the three basic plant nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Some fertilizers also contain certain "micronutrients," such as zinc and other metals.


Phosphorous Acid
Monoammonium Phosphate(MAP)
Monopotassium Phosphate(MKP)
Epsom Salts/Magnesium Sulphate
Ammonium Nitrate Solution(AN)
Urea Ammonium Nitrate(UAN)

 Food  Additives


Food additives are substances added to food to preserve flavor or enhance its taste, appearance, or other qualities. Some additives have been used for centuries; for example, preserving food by pickling (with vinegar), salting, as with bacon, preserving sweets or using sulfur dioxide as with wines. With the advent of processed foods in the second half of the twentieth century, many more additives have been introduced, of both natural and artificial origin. Food additives also include substances that may be introduced to food indirectly (called "indirect additives") in the manufacturing process, through packaging, or during storage or transport.





Ammonium Bicarbonate
Citric Acid
Potassium Sorbate
Potassium Bicarbonate
Potassium Carbonate
Sodium Benzoate
Sodium Bicarbonate
Sodium Citrate
Sorbic Acid
Sodium Metabisulphite

 Water  Treatment  Chemicals

Many chemicals can be applied for water treatment used as algaecides, antifoams, coagulants, disinfectants, etc. They are used by businesses around the world in many of the most demanding commercial, municipal and industrial process environments where they help to improve productivity, optimise performance and reduce equipment life-cycle costs.
Producing low cost and high quality water is the main goal of the development in water treatment chemicals.    


Calcium Hypochlorite
Poly Aluminium Chloride(PAC)
Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate(SDIC)
Trichloroisocyanuric Acid(TCCA)

Other Chemicals


What we wear, what we use in bathroom, our transport, the technology we use, how we treat illnesses and how we get electricity-you have found the industrial applications of chemistry directly affect our daily lives more and more. Chemicals help us solve so many problems, including food production, managing environment, water treatment and promoting human and environmental health.


Ammonium Chloride
Barium Carbonate
Barium Hydroxide
Calcium Chloride
EDTA Series
Magnesium Sulphate
Manganese Sulfate
Oxalic Acid
Paraffin Wax
Potassium Bicarbonate
Potassium Carbonate
Sodium Acetate
Soda Carbonate
Silica Gel
Sulfamic Acid
Zinc Chloride
Zinc Phosphate
Zinc Sulfate



































Top Selling Products



Polycarboxylate superplasticizer (PCE) is also called polycarboxylate ether superplasticizer, polycarboxylic ether based superplasticizers, polycarboxylate admixture, polycarboxylate type of superplasticizer. It is the best superplasticizer for concrete at present.

Why use Polycarboxylate superplasticizer ? As follows:
1) High early strength: significant increase of early strength and 28d strength
2) Low slump lose: Great reduction of slump lose
3) Excellent durability: Reduction of cracking, shrinkage and creep.                                                                  More>>


Sodium Gluconate is mainly used as acid-base equilibrium, water quality stabilizer, surface cleaning agent and cement blending agent.
By the adding of sodium gluconate, the starting solidification time of cement will be prolonged by times. Then the working time will be longer. Sodium Gluconate is widely used as water quality stabilizer in many fields such as cooling water system, low pressure boiler and etc.
Sodium Gluconate is used as cleaning agent to clean the surface of steel. Therefore the cladding material and steel surface will be bonded tightly.                            More>>



SNF's full name is Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde Condensate. It also called Sodium Naphthalene sulfonate Formaldehyde, Sodium Naphthalene Formaldehyde,
Sulfonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde, Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde Condensate, NSF, FDN,PNS. Its high purity makes cement particles with high dispersancy, low foaming, high range water reducing and obvious strengthening so that we can accelerate project mould turnover and construction speed, and save cement, and also improve cement mobility and workability.                                                        More>>

CAS No.: 16721-80-5 Formula:NaHS Molecular weight: 56.06

Sodium Hydrosulfide is also called Sodium Hydrosulphide, Sodium hydrogen sulfide, NaHS, Nash. Sodium Hydrosulfide is a class 8 dangerous cargo for sea shipment.

We have exported more than 20,000mt sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS) 70% flake per year, which has been shipped to South America, South East Asia, Russia etc.




CAS No: 298-14-6
Molecular Formula: KHCO3
Molecular Weight: 100.11
-Used as an antacid, electrolyte replenisher and potassium supplement
-An excipient
-Used in foods as a leavening agent(baking powder) , pH -control agent, and a nutrient supplement (e.g., infant formulations)
-A processingaidin extrudedfoods
-Foaming and fizzing agent in instant beverages
-Serves as a color preservative in foods
-Dry powder fire extinguishers                         More>>



Sulfonated melamine formaldehyde (SMF) is a polymer used in cements and plaster- based formulations to reduce water content, while increasing the fluidity and the workability of the mix. In concretes, addition of SMF in an appropriate mix design results in lower porosity, higher mechanical strength, and an improved resistance to aggressive environments. SMF is also called Sulfonated Melamine Formaldehyde,Sulfonated Melamine Formaldehyde Condensate,Sodium Melamine Formaldehyde. It is another type of superplasticizer besides Sulphonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde and Polycarboxylate superplasticizer.                    More>>



CAS No.: 144-55-8
Molecular Formula: NaHCO3
Molecular Weight: 84.01

Used as food fermentation, detergent ingredient, carbondoxide foamer,pharmacy,leather,ore milling and metallurgy,detergent for wool,extinguisher and metal heat-treating,fiber and rubber industry, etc.



CAS NO.: 7681-57-4
Molecular Formula: Na2S2O5
Molecule Weight: 190.10

Application as:
The pharmaceutical industry: produce chloroform, phenylpropyl sulfone and benzaldehyde.
The rubber industry: can be used as a coagulant.
The printing and dyeing: a dechlorination agent and cotton scouring agent after cotton bleaching.
The tannery industry: can be used for leather treatment, which enables the leather turns soft, plump and tough, with waterproof, anti-folding and abrasion resistance.


CAS No. : 1313-82-2 
Molecular formula: Na2S
Molecular weight: 78.04
UN code: 1849

It can be used in sulfur dye, reductant of dye intermediate, mordant, flotation agent of ore, depilation agent of leather, paper cooking agent. Moreover, it is widely used in textile, pigment and rubber industry, or used in the production of sodium thiosulfate, sodium polysulfide and sodium hydrosulphide.                                                           



Sulfamic Acid

CAS No.: 5329-14-6
Molecular Formula: NH2SO3H
Molecular weight:97.09

Sulfamic Acid is used in metal and ceramic cleaning, organic synthesis, paper and textiles, for pH control, as a hard-water scale remover, in electroplating, pharmaceuticals, and some agricultural products.


Sodium hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide (Caustic Soda/NaOH) is an inorganic compound with chemical formula NaOH. It is called caustic soda because it is highly corrosive in nature.Sodium hydroxide (Caustic Soda/NaOH) is available in many forms in the industry, and the most common forms are caustic soda flakes and caustic soda pearls. This product has several industrial applications, but it is highly reactive, so it has to be used carefully lest, it can cause skin irritation.



CAS No.: 95-14-7
Molecular Formula: C6H5N3
Molecular Weight: 119.13

1,2,3-BENZOTRIAZOLE(BTA) is mainly used as antirust agent and corrosion inhibitor for metals.Widely used in the antirust oil products such as gas phase corrosion inhibitor , in treating agent for recycling water ,in antifreeze for cars antifogging for photograph ,also used as stabilizer for macromolecular compound, growth regulator for plant, lubricant additive , ultraviolet absorbent etc.


CAS No.: 1066-33-7
Molecular Formula: NH4HCO3
Molecular Weight: 79.06

White crystalline powder, specific gravity is 1.586,soluble in water. insoluble in alcohol and acetine. Mainly as sponging agent used for baking foods such as crisp cake, biscuit etc.




Ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid is a colorless crystalline solid. It is slightly soluble in water. The primary hazard is the threat to the environment.Immediate steps should be taken to limit its spread to the environment.

EDTA is used in chemical analysis, to make detergents and cleaning compounds, and for many other uses. EDTA is used as elements required in foliar fertilization of soil application in the field of agricultural horticulture, also as trace elements required in aquaculture.


Magnesium Sulfate

Magnesium Sulfate(Epsom Salts) is mainly used in fertilizer, tanning, pringting and dyeing, activator, papermaking, plastic, porcelain, pigment matchmaking ,dynamite and fireproof materials making. Also Can used in pringting and dyeing delaine as the aggravating reagent of calico or silk, as filling up of wooden-cotton products and be used as Epsom salts at medicine. We could supply Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate, Magnesium Sulfate Monohydrate, Magnesium Sulfate Anhydrous, etc.



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