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CAS NO: 10034-99-8                                           
Molecular Formula: MgSO4.7H2O
Molecular weight:246.48.

White exiguous acicular or oblique-pillar crystal. Smell-less, taste-bitter. Easily efflorescent at dry air. Specific gravity is 1.68.Freely soluble in water. Soluble in its own water at 67.5℃.Slightly soluble in ethanol and glycerin. Decomposing is heated up . Lossing 4 crystal water at 70-80℃.About at 200℃, lossing all of its crystal water becomes anhydrous compounds.   


Item Standard
Purity(As MgSO4) 98.00%min
Chloride 0.3%max
Iron 0.005%max
Loss on drying 2%max
Insoluble matter in water 0.1%max
PH 6-7

Package: Knitting bags with plastic liners,25kg, 40kg,50kg per bag  

Application:ainly used in fertilizer, tanning, pringting and dyeing, activator, papermaking, plastic, porcelain, pigment matchmaking ,dynamite and fireproof materials making. Also Can used in pringting and dyeing delaine as the aggravating reagent of calico or silk and as filling up of wooden-cotton products. Be used as Epsom salts at medicine.


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