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Polypropylene monofilament fibers for concrete

Product Brief:       
TB-PP-Fiber, is also called engineering fiber、concrete fiber、anti-crack fiber、crack control fiber、synthetic fiber or plastic fiber etc. It is a kind of high intensity bunchy monofilament fiber mainly made of PP by special technique. When put the TB-PP-Fibermesh into the concrete, during the process of mixing, after being rubbed among themselves, the crossbinding among fibers could be destroyed into fiber monofilament or the net structure stretches completely, consequently produces plenty of PP fiber monofilament, further prevents the crack of concrete. TB-PP-Fibermesh could effectively control the microcrack caused by temperature change as well as plastic and dry shrinkage, further prevent the happen and development of crack.
The Physicochemical Properties of TB-PP-Fiber
Regular Spec: TB-PP-20S(TB-20)

Material Form


The Type of the Fiber

bunchy monofilament

The shape of section

trefoil or circle

Identical Diamete(m)








Tensile Strength(MPa)


Elongation at Brea(%)


Modulus of elasticit(MPa)


Melting Point(℃)


Acid & Alkali Resistance(the holding rate of ightiness)(%)


Note:The range of length 3-50mm, and according to the your demand
1)Anti-crack function: reduces the stress concentration of the microcrack point , weakens or removes the tension caused by sun crack of the concrete or mortar, further prevents the happen and development of the microcrack.   
2)Improvement of anti-infiltration performance  : TB-Fiber can lessen the plastic crack of concrete effectively, and prevent the development and run-through of the crack.  
3)Improvement of anti-freezing and thawing: TB-Fiber can decrease effectively anti-compression stress concentration in the concrete caused by several times’ circulation of freezing and thawing, which prevent the further extend of the microcrack. In addition, the increase of the anti-infiltration of the concrete surely makes for the improvement of freezing and thawing.
4) Improvement of toughness and anti-shock : TB-Fiber can help to absorb the kinetic energy ,which produced when the component of concrete is shocked, moreover due to the anti-crack effect of the fiber, when the concrete is shocked, the fiber can prevent the rapid extend of the inner crack, consequently increased the toughness and anti-shock of the concrete.
5) Improvement of durability   
The excellent anti-crack effect of the TB-Fiber reduce the happen and development of the crack greatly.The reduction of the inner hole rate makes the infiltration and corrosion from the water、the chemical substance、the salt of the Cl as well as other outside factors slow down, i.e. because of the great reduction of the crack, the channel that provided by the crack which would make the function of damage and corrosion infiltrate even extend becomes less and less, which reduces the damages to the structural main bar, thereby improves the durability of the concrete.  
6) Improvement of fire resistance  
Adding TB-Fiber into the concrete, especially the high-strength concrete, can improve the fire resistance and the security in fire High-strength concrete has high compaction.


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